Thursday, February 19, 2015

Star Wars Theme Molds Review

I absolutely love these. They are very well made and durable. I tested them in the freezer, oven, and with melted chocolate and they still look new. They have great details. They are easy to clean. The smaller molds are about bite sized and the bigger ones are what I would can cake piece size. These would be great for parties, candle making, crayons, you can do a lot of awesome things with these.

Ice: They work great for ice. Just add liquid or even yogurt and put in the freezer. If you over fill they will not be perfect but you can carefully break the excess off. It took about 6 hours for mine to freeze completely. They did not stick and popped out easily.

Chocolate: I did burn my chocolate and it turned into one giant blob so I had to smash mine in the molds. They still turned out ok but had gaps and bubbles but that is not the molds fault. If I wouldn't have burned the chocolate they would have been awesome and perfect. I left them in the fridge over night. They came out very easily and did not break. I do recommend to pop out the smaller pieces first to avoid them possibly being broke off.

Oven/Brownies: If you are going to decorate with icing these are perfect. You will not get then details as you would with other ways but you still get the shape. I did spray with baking spray before I used. They did not stick. Also don't fill completely up. Leave some space for rising. It took about 12 minutes to get them to cook. I suggest keeping an eye on them carefully so they do not burn. Of course let them cool before trying to remove them.

You could use these to make a great gift or give them to the Star Wars fan that has everything.
*I received these to review and highly recommend these.
You can buy them on Amazon HERE


  1. The ice looks totally cool! My kids would love these. I am going to have to check them out on Amazon :) Great Review

  2. Awesome. These look like so much fun.

    1. They are I so want to do some soaps or candles with them. I think I will have to buy another set just to do them with so I don't contaminate these so I can keep using them for food. Got some major Star Wars Fans birthdays coming up so got to use these for decorations :)

  3. I am so jealous that you got these lol my life almost revolves around star wars

  4. I am so jealous that you got these lol my life almost revolves around star wars