Monday, January 19, 2015

The Original GrillFella! Copper Color BBQ Vegetable Basket Wok with Divider Review

  WOW! I've been grilling wrong for too long. I usually make a tin foil pack to grill my veggies to keep them from making my grill a mess but they never seem to get grilled just right.

  I can now get veggies grilled right. They have a better taste to them since I started using this grill basket. This basket is easy to use and clean. I love that my grill don't get to eat more of them than I do. Veggies get cooked perfectly with this. This basket is also great for other items like hot dog and shrimp. I always spray the basket with a cooking spray and have no trouble with sticking.

  I love the color of this basket. It is well made. I do however wish it came with a second divider. Getting the "S" hook in to lock the divider in the first time was a little hard but it get easier.  If you are looking for a great new BBQ accessory I recommend this.

*Check it out on AMAZON It is priced at $14.99.

***I received this item to review and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Thermalabs Glow2Go review and Giveaway


I'm very fair skinned and its hard for me to get a tan. I have used tanning beds before but always just burn even for the short visits and plus they are so bad for you. I have used lotions and sprays but never had great luck with them. They usually leave me streaked and my hands orange. I was offered to review this and was so excited because I had never tried towels before.

Right off the bat I fell in love with the box design. Its very eye catching and I LOVE the single pack pull out option. I can place over items on top of it and not have to move them be able to get one out. The single packages are easy to open. I do not have to hunt down scissors to open them.

I first exfoliated real good as recommended before I used. I just wiped the area I wanted to tan with the towel. These towels are a great size and easy to wipe with. I recommend avoiding wrists and knees as much as possible like they recommend. I got carried away and got my wrist too much and it turned out darker than the rest. One towel done both of my arms great. In about 4 hours I noticed color starting to show and within 6 hours I had a great even tan. I was amazed that my hand was not orange. Using once, I had a great tan that lasted about a week.

I'm completely in love with these. They are so easy to use and I get a great look with them. They are the best self tanning product I have ever used. I highly recommend these and will be purchasing when I run out.

Also enter for your chance to win a box :D

*****I received this item for free to review but all opinions are my honest and unbiased opinions***

Honest Aytes Thermalabs Glow2go tan towels