Monday, April 27, 2015

Ultimitt Review

Ultimitt - The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt By Thermalabs Perfect for Self Tanning Sunless Tan Gloves or Self Tanner Mitts

Product description:
The World's Ultimate Self Tanning Mitt. 
Researchers at Thermalabs production center have come up with a new, great method to apply your self-tanning lotion. After months of painstaking research, our research department has now got what it takes to solve the problem of self-tanning mitts.
The extensive research and efforts have culminated in a new product, called the 'Ultimitt'.
Already referred to by a section of reviewers as the 'big secret to your perfect tan', Ultimitt is the market's best Tanning Applicator Mitt... And here's why... It unlocks a treasure trove of benefits you didn't see with any other mitt.
Ultimitt is a better, premium quality than any other mitt.
>>> It's bigger.
>>> It's longer lasting.
>>> It's stretch, crack and break-resistant.
>>> It's easily washable, and comes with a one year guarantee. Yes, you have 1 FULL YEAR guarantee. If it breaks or cracks you can have it replaced!
Place your order right now to enjoy this premium mitt in no time! 
This was the first self tanning mitt I have ever tried BUT I have heard and seen other talk about them and seen them used. This mitt seems better than a lot of others. The first thing I noticed about it was how super soft and well made it is. It is thick but easy to use. I used it and loved it. My no bake self tanner went on great with it. It provided great application and it was super easy to clean. I love that it came with a smaller finger one. It made doing my face easy and it great for those stubborn areas that need touching up. Overall a great self tanner mitt. It even came with a storage bag. I recommend this self tanning mitt to anyone looking for a great one.

*****I received a sample to review and all opinions are my own.*****