Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mammoth Elevate® Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

This is the first diffuser I have owned like this one and I love it. It came well packaged. Set up is easy. Plug up. Fill with water(Purified preferred)and add 2-3 drop of your favorite oil(Higher grade does the best and keeps cleaning down), Put top on(Make sure it is completely on or you will have leakage), turn on with remote(Make sure you remove the plastic piece from the battery). Now its time to set back and enjoy the relaxing color show and wonderful aroma.

Diffuser starts working instantly. With the remote you can change how long it runs, set colors to change or stay on one color, change mist settings, turn on and off, and set to run with colors off.

Colors are very vivid and nice. I like that this has a auto shut off when water gets too low. Cord is fairly long. These diffuser is easy to clean and came with a cleaning brush. This is very well made and durable. I have used for about a week non-stop and haven't had any problems. It does not get hot and mist is cool so safe to have around my toddler.

*I received this at a discount and all opinions are my own. I have and will recommend to anyone and will even buy another one at full price if something ever happens to this one.

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